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Pinnacle Dog Sports will be having 4 AKC Agility Weekends this year. 
Check for premiums 3 weeks before opening day.
Note: Secretary is misspelled in the URL
May 12-14 – Irish Setter Club of Ohio
*******************NEW  TRIAL*********************
All Breed - One Ring - All Americans Accepted     Entries Open : March 15, 2017 (NEXT WEEK)
Judge: Sherry Jefferson
Classes offered:

Fri: STD/JWW/ FAST     
Sat: STD/JWW    
Sun: STD, JWW and T2B
June 10-12 - Clumber Spaniel Club of America
All Breed - One Ring - All Americans Accepted      Entries Open April 12, 2017
Judge: Barbara Bounds 
Classes offered:  
Fri: Ex/Mas/Premier STD/JWW and T2B
Sat: All Levels STD/JWW /FAST  (no premier)    
Sun: All Levels STD/JWW/T2B
June 16-18 – Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America
*******************NEW  LOCATION *********************
All Breed - One Ring - All Americans Accepted     Entries Open : April 19, 2017
Location: Incredipaws Training Center   Pataskala, Oh  (near Columbus)
Judges:Dr. Laura Kuterbach
Classes offered: 

Fri: Ex/Mas/Premier STD/JWW and FAST
Sat: All Levels STD/JWW (including Premier)
Sun: All Levels STD/JWW (no Premier)  T2B
August 5-6 - English Setter Association of America
All Breed - One Ring - All Americans Accepted     Entries Open June 14, 2017
Judge :  Sherry Jefferson
Classes offered:

Sat: STD/ JWW/FAST      

ALL weekends (except the Pyrenean Shepherd Weekend) will be held at the Soccer Sportsplex in North Olmsted, Ohio

This site is air conditioned!!!     
Conveniently located off I-480. 
On site concession stand as well as nearby fast food.    
FREE parking for RVs!!!


PINNACLE will also be having 3 UKI trials in 2017 - 
dates are forthcoming


Helen and Kilo went to the 20th AKC Nationals 
in Tulsa, OK March18-20th.
Kilo was incredible. Had 2 perfect scores on Saturday in both Standard and JWW which put him in 1st place in the 26" division.  On Sunday he did Hybrid and that score put him immediately into Finals (didn't have to do Challengers). Well to my surprise, Kilo again had a
perfect score in Finals and came in 4th Place in the Finals Round. It was a weekend I will never forget.  The support from the many competitors, judges, and reps was so rewarding and unforgettable!!!  

Thank you Kilo and all his fans!!!


Wanted to let all of you know on Tuesday I received in the mail a plaque from the City

Apparently every year Bedford, Independence, Warrensville Hts., Garfield and I forget what other cities come together and vote on the best businesses in certain areas.

Well I am proud to say that Pinnacle Dog Sports received the award for Dog Training.
I didn't even know they did this - so I was really really surprised.
Next week I will be bringing it to PDS to hang. 

Thanks to all of you for making 

Pinnacle THE BEST !!!


Pinnacle Dog Sports is now a distributor for BRILLIANT K9 HARNESSES

Brilliant K9 harnesses are a unique and innovative alternative to traditional dog collars and harnesses.  Their ergonomic construction reduces strain on the dog's neck, shoulders, hips and knees, while allowing easy and comfortable movement.  Have a dog that pulls?  Unlike traditional collars, these harnesses don't engage a dog's natural opposition reflex, thus pulling is minimized. The belly strap sits behind the rib cage, preventing the dog from dropping its chest to lean in and pull.  Brilliant K9 comes in 14 sizes and 31 different colors.  You can also order customized name patches for the harness.  Pinnacle has 6 different sizes for you to try and the 31 patches for you to chose a color.I use these on both my dogs and I love that they can't pull even when walking both at the same timeThey are hanging on the Instructor's crating room door right outside the sitting area.


Helen L. Kurz's dog training career began in 1999.  In 2013, with 48 students, Helen decided to open her own training business called Pinnacle Dog Sports,LLC. Together with students, Piccolo, Kilo and her son - a dream became true!!



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