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Class Descriptions

Puppy Foundations

Your puppy will learn Clicker, 101 Things you can do with a Box and Crate Games the four basic skills all dogs should know, as well as basic obedience and beginning performance. We will keep it FUN by using toys, treats and praise to motivate, and using different balancing obstacles, such as the Bosu ball and wobble boards to keep them moving and focused. Using the skills you will learn, we'll challenge you to teach your puppy a trick every week! So sign up for FUN with your new puppy! Open to 4-12 months old puppies. Exercises will be adapted for experience.

Instructor: Heather / Bonnie


Advanced Puppy Foundations for Performance

This class will continue the training begun in Puppy Foundations and focus on the skills needed for dogs who will become performance dogs - obedience, agility or other competitions which require focus, balance and desire to work with the handler.

Instructor: Heather / Bonnie


Novice Agility

This class will aid both dogs and handlers in developing skills for running a Novice agility course. Handlers will learn how to maneuver and direct their dogs through an agility course using basic directional cues, including eye contact, voice commands and body movements. Dogs will need to have a solid recall to handler, and some experience with contacts, jumping, six weave poles, and tunnels – or have prior permission from one of the instructors. Class emphasis will be on both dogs and handlers having FUN while learning the sport of agility.

Instructor: Bonnie / Rick


Open Agility

This class continues from Novice Agility. Dogs must have experience and confidence on all contact obstacles at full height, be able to weave 12 poles, travel through curved tunnels and a closed chute. Dogs will continue to improve on speed and obstacle discrimination. Handlers will continue to build on basic skills learned in Novice Agility. Class emphasis will be on both dogs and handlers having FUN while learning the sport of agility.

Instructor: Rick


Masters Agility

Dogs must be competing at the Excellent/Masters Level or have the skills to compete at these levels. Dogs and handlers will perfect and expand their speed and skills to shave seconds off course time, by choosing the most effective handling maneuvers and line.

Instructor: Helen Kurz

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