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 Lynne wrote: 

"I would like to thank Pinnacle Dog Sports for an awesome weekend of agility at the Westie trial this weekend. It is a truly a world class organization. The trial secretaries, worker herder, the workers, the competitors and of course the fur babies are super great. Most of all Helen Kurz you are a first class act, your patience and support to help pull this all together was unsurpassed. The venue is awesome. Super turf to run on, top of the line equipment and the lighting is spectacular. So if anyone is looking for a super awesome trial site, try out Pinnacle Dog Sports in Westlake, Ohio."  


Dot nailed her weaves on the first attempt today and finished them confidently!! I think last weekend's seminar at Pinnacle 2x2s really turned on a light bulb for her in regard to the weave poles. On her previous two JWW runs last month, we had to make two attempts at the weaves before successfully completing them. 

I thought we were going to finish her Novice JWW title today. We were clean heading to the final jump, and she winged off and took an off course jump. I should have managed the ending more carefully. I ran her like I would have run the more experienced dogs and just assumed she would come with me. Totally my fault. We'll try again tomorrow. :) I'd love to get her JWW title on the list of Pinnacle titles for 2015. 

Dot didn't set any land speed records today, but she ran much faster than she did at her first trial. I think the work we did at the Loretta Mueller seminar helped a lot with that too. The people pressure exercise we did at the seminar seemed to make her realize that she could still function when people are in the ring with her. 

I can't say enough good things about what you've done for me and my dogs this year. I appreciate you more than you know!! 

Lynn Uram


                        From: Jamie Siegel 

1. As I told Rick last night Im loving class since you guys took over. I feel like I have learned a ton and Mackenzie has improved soo much and is gaining more confidence!!

2. I feel like Im learning a lot! Definitely feel like Im getting my moneys worth now : )

3. Ive seen Mackenzie change so much in just these few weeks. Its honestly incredible how much you guys have helped me and her! I finally feel like Im gaining some control over her on the floor. So Thank you guys : )

4. I love constantly being on the floor. We never used to do that because we would take turns. So now I feel like Im really working on keeping her focused the entire class and it seems to really be helping.

5. No suggestions from me. YOU GUYS ROCK and know your stuff and its pretty clear with how much Kenzie has changed in such a short period of time. Loving this class!!!!!!


“Helen is like the secret sauce of agility; hot sauce that is! She makes it fun. She is animated, full of energy and speaks her mind. Sometimes what she says is hard to hear but that is what makes her a great teacher. She wants you to succeed so she is honest and won’t quit until you get it right. She also continues to learn, improve her own skills and challenge those around her. Still, she is willing to accept differences in handling which is hard to find in dog training. Agility is about bonding, becoming a team and communicating with your dog. The road to a championship is full of joy and thrills but it is also marked by failure and despair, so you need support. With Helen, you will get support from both her and from your classmates. People stick with her and my class is a community of some of the best friends I have ever had. One by one, we got our championships and needed a bigger training space and better equipment. What were we to do but force her to start Pinnacle Dog Sports! ”

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