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Pinnacle Dog Sports Policies

Minimum Number of Students - We cannot schedule a class without a commitment from students to attend for that month, but if a class has enough students for the class to go forward, then those who cannot commit for a month can "drop in" at a higher rate per class ($21), but we will not hold a class without a minimum number of commitments by way of prepaying for the month. If you would like to "drop in" on a class, please confirm that the class is being held that month.

Missed Class Policy - Classes are prepaid on a monthly basis. Class fee covers four consecutive weeks (some months 3 weeks or 5 weeks, depending upon holidays). Credit is NOT given for missed classes. Classes missed due to cancellation for inclement or extreme weather are not counted.

Class Make Up - If a students knows that he/she will be unable to attend a class, the student may apply to attend an alternate class of the same level. This will be approved on a space available basis. To obtain permission to attend an alternate class, daytime students must contact us by phone or email no later than 7 pm the day prior to the make-up class of their choice; evening students must contact us no later than 10 am the day of the make-up class of their choice. Please do NOT just show up for a make-up class unless you have received approval. There may not be a space available for you and we will not overfill a class to accommodate make-ups.

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