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To:  All Clubs, Judges, Exhibitors, Instructors, Students and Business Affiliates of Pinnacle Dog Sports


Re: Pinnacle Dog Sports Now and Future Plans


It has come to our attention that there has been considerable speculation, rumors and misinformation being shared / spread throughout the Agility community regarding the present and future of Pinnacle Dog Sports. Understandably, most of this misinformation revolves around Helen's recent relocation to Florida. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CLARIFICATIONS:

  • Helen's semi-annual relocation to Florida is due to a health condition that make Cleveland's cold winters untenable for her. Continued exposure to a cold climate could result in serious health consequences. Helen fully intends to return in the spring
  • AKC and ASCA trials are open, being held and are currently being scheduled and will continue into the future
  • Judging assignments have been secured through 2025
  • Classes are still being offered
  • Seminars and Special Events have been scheduled for 2023 and beyond
  • Helen has put in place a team to ensure a seamless and effortless continuation of operations
  • PDS is NOT closing, being sold or otherwise ceasing operations

Pinnacle Dog Sports was established as a "going concern" to provide a clean, fun, safe and enjoyable environment for you to learn, play and compete with your dogs. Yes, things arise that can lead to misinformation, conjecture and rumors .... but they are just that and not based on facts. To be emphatically clear, Pinnacle Dog Sports has no intention of closing! Period!


Please, if you have ANY concerns regarding PDS, feel free to reach out to Helen or any of the PDS Staff for answers. We will do our best to help.


Relying on rumors and gossip will only lead to further confusion.




    Helen and the Staff of Pinnacle Dog Sports



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