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Karen Groth

I'm a lifelong lover of ALL animals, especially horses. From age 5, I read every novel about horses I could get my hands on. Riding lessons soon followed. My first, and only, horse was Bit-of Honey, 1/2 Arab 1/2 Quarter, I was a fearless 12 YO. She was a Texas Barrel racer-Yee Ha! My parents were terrified!


*First Dog-Maggie JRT-pet and faithful companion taken too soon from cancer.


In 2003, I started my agility career- added in obedience and FAST Cat and Barn Hunt.


*Sheena - Rescue- Shiba Inu (my empty nester dog), started obedience and morphed to agility. MACH 3, and numerous Top Shiba accolades in agility. First Shiba Inu bitch to MACH in AKC. I was told at the time "Shiba's don't do agility," Ha Ha I proved them wrong. 6 years in a row invites to the AKC AGI, several as #1, Earned #1 Shiba Inu at AKC Invitational 2011. All clean runs in the tough 16" class.


*Yuengling was my handsome and first breed boy. BISS CH MACH 2, only the second Shiba to have a CH and MACH in AKC as well as being the only Shiba to have earned a BISS CH MACH 2 title in AKC. He had numerous accolades from our Parent Club. 2019 NSCA-Versatile Shiba, NSCA Legacy Award, and NSCA HALL of Fame.


*Mavis-Rescue- Russell Terrier, love this stinky. Heart as big as a mountain. MACH, in 2021 #1 Russell for AGI - Invite. Past 3 years of invites to the AKC AGI. We are actively working on her PACH and continued post-surgical TPLO recoveries from June 2021 & July 2022.


*Calli-Rescue- NMD (not my dog) Golden Retriever. My husband Dan's C-19 pet. I now have her learning and earning her own agility titles since she desperately needed a job. But NMD. LOL


I'm recently retired after 26 years in HR from a local Grocery chain.


I'm very excited to join the PDS Team & I am looking forward to helping young dogs and handlers get excited to learn the foundations about this wonderful sport. Foundation I will create a lifelong partnership with their beloved dogs! Never say never, hard work and practice with your best friend will pay off in the end.


Karen and her pups:


- California Red Ale At Koodori NAP OJP NFP(Calli-Golden)

- MACH Mavis Marie At Koodori MXB MJS MJP MXF T2B BCAT (Mavis-Russell Terrier)


Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge:


- BISS CH MACH 2 Nozomi's Yuengling Koodori RN MXG MJG XF T2B (Yueng-Shiba Inu)

- MACH 3 Sheena BN RN MXB2 MJB2 OF OFP CGC (Sheena-Shiba Inu)


Class Assignments:

  • Foundations I 

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