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Denise Schneider

Denise Schneider has been involved in the sport of agility since 2010, a Trial Secretary since 2019 and an instructor at Pinnacle Dog Sports since 2021.


Denise has always had a love for dogs in her life.  As a child, her family had two mixed breed dogs, “Duke and Whiskers”.   She later was introduced to the American Eskimo Dog when she met her husband Geoff, who previously owned an Eskie.  Denise welcomed her first Eskie, “Misty”, to the family in 1996.  Fast forward to 2008…  “Kody” came into the picture…   Kody was Denise’s Novice A agility dog and the dog that is responsible for driving her passion for the sport.



  1. Lifetime MACH Dog Title ~ All Breeds ~ July 23, 2022

  2. Top MACH Dog of the Breed ~ 2016 through 2021

  3. Top MACH Dog 16” class ~ 2015 and 2020

  4. Top MACH Dog Non-Sporting group ~ 2017 through 2020

  5. Invitational Qualifier ~ 2013 through 2023

  6. Invitational Finalist ~ 4th place 2014 and 2nd place 2016 in the 16” class

  7. National Agility Championship Qualifier ~ 2012 through 2024


Kody is currently 14 years old and enjoys the agility game in the Preferred classes.


Denise’s other four-legged fur team members are:


“Zoey” AGCH MACH8 Arctic Rose’s Chasin DreamZ MXG2 PDS MJS7 PJS MFG TQX T2B5 CGC TKA

  1. First American Eskimo Dog Agility Grand Champion ~ June 20, 2020      

  2. Invitational Qualifier ~ 2019 through 2023

  3. Invitational Finalist ~ 6th place 2021 and 4th place 2022 in the 12” class

  4. National Agility Championship Qualifier ~ 2019 through 2024

  5. Premier Cup Invitee 2022 & 2023

  6. Premier Cup Finalist 2023


“Lucky” Pikatti’s Lucky Number 7 NAJ


“Gypsy” Sierra’s Fortune Teller OA OAJ OF TKI


At the Rainbow Bridge:

“Lexi” (2011-2018)   MACH7 Arctic Magic Snopuf’s Miss RazzMaTazz MXG2 PAD MJB4 PJD NF T2B5 CGC    

  1. First American Eskimo Dog to earn Premier PAD and PJD Titles

  2. Invitational Qualifier ~ 2018

  3. National Agility Championship Qualifier ~ 2017 through 2019

Denise started taking agility lessons with Helen at Pinnacle in 2013 with Lexi and started her other three dog’s agility training as puppies with Pinnacle’s Foundation class.  She is still currently a student in the Masters level classes at Pinnacle.  Denise became an instructor at Pinnacle in 2021.  Her professional life outside of agility was in the Accounting Finance field.  She is also the Membership Committee Chair of the American Eskimo Dog Club of America.


“Agility is such a rewarding, thrilling sport. You will always remember your first run in the ring, the first qualifying run, the first smooth run when all the pieces start coming together as a team.  Of course, there are the challenges too!!!  Over time, you and your dog become dance partners on course, the bond you develop cannot be explained.  I absolutely love teaching and watching this bond grow with students and their dogs, watching each team’s experiences grow in training and evolve in the competition ring.  I want to provide students the necessary tools to enjoy and excel in their training and grow in this sport with their dogs.”


“Be the person your dog thinks you are!”


“Training a dog is not just about teaching them commands, it is about building a relationship.”



Class Assignments:

  1. Novice / Open

  2. Masters / Excellent

  3. Private Lessons

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