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Bonnie Boskovitch

Bonnie Boskovitch is the newest instructor to join the family at Pinnacle Dog Sports. Bonnie has owned dogs, along with a variety of other critters, her entire life. Trooper, a Manchester Terrier, is her first purebred dog. She started showing Trooper in the conformation ring at 6 months of age and owner-handled him to a Champion and Grand Champion in breed. Eight years ago, while still showing Trooper in breed, she decided to try agility just for fun. Well, needless to say, she got hooked by the “Agility Bug” and the rest is history! Trooper has attained 6 MACH titles and currently working toward his first PACH in AKC. He has earned 5 C-ATCH titles and currently working toward his C-ATE in CPE. He was the top Manchester in AKC for the past 3 years and has been invited to the Invitational for the past 5 years.

Bonnie loves agility and especially watching and learning from other people running their dogs. She started training with Helen 5 years ago and enjoys the challenges and new moves that they learn in Masters class. Although she did not go through Helen’s Foundation classes herself, being a seasoned competitor, she understands how important the foundations are not only for Agility, but everyday life. Bonnie helps with teaching the Puppy Foundation, Pre-Agility, and Novice/Open Agility Classes.

“It is so gratifying to watch a team grow. Brings back many memories. It’s nice to see the glow and joy when the team becomes cohesive and has that first smooth run where everything goes and feels right.”

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